Government Grant For Solar Panels

Governments all over the world are trying to control their energy consumption, as well as their pollution emissions. This has resulted in some countries offering  government grant for solar panels for individuals to assist them in going green.

Great news for you, if you are thinking of installing solar panels and you qualify for an appropriate grant.

You can find appropriate government grant for solar panels by contacting your local government office and asking them what solar energy (or renewable energy) grants you currently qualify for. No specific plans have been stated here as the details and types of plans tend to change regularly.

The United States for example has many different loans and grants available for installation of clean energy equipment.

Other countries that are known to offer government grant for solar panels, or other assistance, for green energy (which includes solar panels) are Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and India.

Different Types of  Government Grant Available To Buy Solar Panels

Depending on the country you live in you will find there maybe several types of  Government grants available to buy solar panel cells.

Here are some of the types of incentives that governments have introduced and offer to the general public to drive the growth of solar power:

-          FIT: FIT stands for Feed In Tariffs, and this is prevalent in countries such as Spain.

-          Some governments offer discounts or grants on the purchase of specific solar panels.

-          RPS, which stands for Renewable Portfolio Standards are available in the US.

-          ITC, stand for Investment Tax Credits and these are also available in the US.

Even if you are outside of the countries mentioned here you should contact your local government office to see what may be available as more and more countries are introducing these government grant for solar panels to help their citizens reduce pollution.